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There is an epidemic of obesity in the United States today. The clinical definition of obesity is having an over abundance of body fat, not just being overweight. The problems associated with obesity are disabling and can be life threatening.

25 Apr 20

The first time I remember being around a fire pit was when I was a little kid in Arizona. Our family had been out in the desert four-wheeling in Dad's International Scout and we stayed out late for hot dogs and s'mores. I remember Mom and Dad having us kids search around for wood to burn and being scared of being bit by a snake.

02 May 20

A fondue fountain can be the highlight of your next party with luscious, creamy cheeses or chocolate that teases the most discriminating of guests. Placed as a centerpiece in the midst of a food spread to die for, this is where all of the action will be.

31 May 20

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20 Oct 20
My experience with bbq grills goes way back to the early 70's. I remember watching my Grandpa cook burgers on his backyard grill. There was something magical about the way the smoke would rise up out of it and fill the air with all that goodness. I was too short to see the food inside, but I could hear the sizzle and smell the flavor.
06 Nov 20
There are a lot of things that make the summer time a great time of the year. There are concerts everywhere, it's nice outside, and there's always something going on virtually every weekend. Also, there are those great weekend parties at your house. Or, at least there will be once you get a great Weber smoker to start cooking and smoking some excellent food.
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05 Nov 20
During summer, lots of people in the UK love getting outside and having a barbecue. We don't get all that much sunshine here, so when we do it is great to take advantage of the weather, get in the garden and cook some tasty morsels over the coals.
19 Nov 20
Chicken Wings Recipes are the one of the fastest and famous dish among children. Here are below 3 easy and fast ways to cook them. For food lovers, here is a very exciting way to do home cooking and to eat as you like with little money spend.
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