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May 31, 2020
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A Fondue Fountain to Jazz up any Gathering

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A fondue fountain can be the highlight of your next party with luscious, creamy cheeses or chocolate that teases the most discriminating of guests. Placed as a centerpiece in the midst of a food spread to die for, this is where all of the action will be. If you want to make a huge impact that will leave people talking about your gathering for months, look into purchasing or renting a fondue fountain that will be the center of attention.

Although using a unique statue that flows with creamy treats, the fondue fountain was actually invented as a way to save cheeses from becoming dry and spoiling. Small Swiss communities were known for winters of isolation during the 17th century. As food supplies began to dwindle, the only items in abundance were cheese, bread and wine. It didn't take long for peasants to get creative in keeping their only source of foodstuffs interesting. By mixing dry, hard chunks of cheese with wine and melting over a caquelon, or earthenware pot, the crusty bread could be dipped into this sauce and become a tasty meal.

As different forms of the fondue fountain became known in other countries, recipes and cookbooks began to include this Swiss tradition. The French word "fondre" was introduced, meaning to melt and the word stuck. Different fondue pots were designed and used for no longer just the poor but for royalty at events. As international leaders came to visit France, the idea traveled back home with them. American soldiers were also exposed to the fondue and when they returned home, the chocolate fondue fountain was born. In the early 1960s high scale restaurants found the idea very intriguing for palettes that favored fruits dipped in mouth watering melted chocolate.

While we no longer have to invent ways to keep our cheeses and breads from drying out, the taste of cheese and wine still delivers a sensuous taste when dipping finely seasoned meats or toasted homemade breads into the warm substance. The fast food craze brought a slow down to the fondue fountain that takes time to set up along with designing different recipes that work well for hours. However, in recent days, the fountain, especially the chocolate fondue fountain is making a comeback as an entertaining and an absolute succulent addition to a party or special occasion.

If you have ever been to an affair that has had a stainless steel fondue fountain with creamy rich chocolate flowing down the sides, you will never forget the sight. But once you take a strawberry, slice of pineapple or banana and let the fresh melted chocolate coat the fruit instead of forming a hard shell from dipped food made in advance, you will never forget the experience. It is like heaven in your mouth when the warm, sweet temptation of specially prepared chocolate blends with nature's goodness.

Whether you want to prepare an exotic cheese delight with a fondue fountain or a special dessert surprise with a chocolate fondue fountain, the attraction and never forgotten taste will bring a smile to everyone's face.


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