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September 24, 2020
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BBQ Grills And Smokers - The Benefits Of Owning Both

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Do you love to grill on a hot day? What about a cold day? Any day at all? Some people just can't stay away from their barbeque grills. If you're one of them, we understand. Nothing beats the flavor of meat cooked on a grill, except, maybe meat cooked in a smoker. Learn the difference between bbq grills and smokers and the benefits of owning both.

The Difference Between Grills and Smokers

BBQ grills and smokers are both great ways to cook meat. So, which is best? That's the kind of argument that can last about as long as it takes to cook a roast in a smoker.

The difference between bbq grills and smokers is simple:

With a barbeque grill, you're using the quickest method to cook food over a dry heat. With a smoker, you keep food away from dry heat and flame and instead cook it slowly in hot, smoky air.

Pros and Cons of Barbeque Grills

On the upside, barbeque grills are less expensive to purchase and cook with. They also cook food quickly and are great for a quick and casual barbeque with friends.

On the downside, barbeque grills can only effectively cook small cuts of meat such as steaks, chops and chicken breasts.

Pros and Cons of Barbeque Smokers

One of the advantages to cooking on a barbeque smoker is it can handle large cuts of meat such as roasts, ham, ribs, and brisket. Want to do something new this Thanksgiving? A barbeque smoker can handle a whole bird!

You can add various wood pellets depending on what type of flavor you want to impart to your meat and meat cooked on a smoker just falls right off the bone.

Smokers run for about 8 hours without the need to refuel and can be used in colder months or even in mild rain.

Another advantage of owning a barbeque smoker is it's kind of like the difference between frying something on the stove vs. a slow cooker. You need to keep a constant eye on barbeque grills but with a smoker, you can set it up and walk away knowing your food will cook to perfect doneness in the span of a few hours.

Some of the disadvantages of using a smoker is they are a bit more expensive and take a long time to cook food.

The Advantages of Owning Both

When it comes to bbq grills and smokers, there is really no right or wrong answer. It mainly depends on what you plan to use the equipment for. The advantage to owning both comes down to versatility.

Barbeque grills are perfect for quick cookout fare such as hot dogs, hamburgers, shish kabob, steaks and chicken. They're easy to set up and meals can be ready in about an hour.

Smokers are ideal for slow cooking a lot of meat at once. They're good for preparing a large amount of food for parties and great for making beef jerky. With a barbeque smoker, you choose the flavor depending on which wood pellets you cook with.

Both bbq grills and smokers are a great addition to any backyard, deck or patio. Owning both gives you the ability to cook any type of food anytime, rain or shine.


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