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July 2, 2020
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All You Need To Know About Asparagus!!

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ts asparagus season and time for you to dig up some good asparagus recipes and treat yourselves and your family with this wonderful vegetable! Before you start cooking asparagus, here is some interesting information about this wonderful vegetable:-

Asparagus as Medicine

Asparagus, also known simply as grass, asper or aspar grass and also spar grass has been used in early times as medicine, especially because of its Diuretic properties. They were used in India as a part of Ayurvedic medicines. Asparagus is low in calories has no fat or cholesterol and is a good source of folic acid, potassium, dietary fiber and rutin. There is even an amino acid named asparagines that is named after this vegetable as it has large amounts of it.

Asparagus in History

Did you know that asparagus has been used for ages and there is even an asparagus recipe in the oldest surviving book of recipes, the De re coquinaria, Book III or Apicius from the third century AD!? The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians consumed asparagus fresh when in season and dried and stored it up for winter.

Types of asparagus

The most common types of asparagus include the white, green and purple asparagus. The white asparagus, nick named white gold in Northern Europe is simply green asparagus grown beneath a cover of soil or hay. They have a crunchier texture. The purple asparagus is slightly sweeter than green.

Selecting and Storing Asparagus

Select well colored asparagus spears that are not too thick and have no blemishes or bruises. Check the cut part to see if it is fresh and ensure that the bids are tightly closed.

After buying your asparagus, remove the band and put the bases in half a glass of water. Before refrigerating, cover the asparagus and the glass of water loosely in a plastic packet. Remember to keep changing the water. It is advisable to cook it fresh and not to let it stay on the refrigerator for more that 3 days. Check this video on fresh asparagus.

Trimming and Peeling Asparagus

To trim your asparagus, take out a spear and hold either side of it and bend. The spear will break and you will have the tender part in your hands. Use that spear as a reference and cut the other spears. If you are cooking your asparagus as soon as you buy it then leave the band on. It will help to hold the spears in place while cutting.

Peel your asparagus spears only if they are too thick. Remember that the skin of thick asparagus doesn't make it thick but has fibers that don't allow proper cooking. So, you just need to peel the spear randomly so that it can be cooked thoroughly. This will ensure that the spear gets cooked well. While peeling asparagus, lay it down on the table and use a vegetable peeler from the tip to the stem.

Cooking Asparagus

You can roast, bake, grill, steam or boil this vegetable and come up with tasty asparagus dishes no matter which method you choose. The most common combination is grilled asparagus with hollandaise sauce. I love it when my asparagus is Stir fried and served with chicken. You can also simply steam asparagus and serve it with butter. Asparagus pie , Asparagus Soup , Asparagus Penne Pasta and even pickled asparagus are just a few of the dishes that use this wonderful vegetable. Here are some cooking tips for you:

Adding some butter salt and pepper while steaming, boiling or grilling asparagus, this adds to its taste. You can also add sauteed garlic or shallots to make it even more tasty.Try to cook asparagus in an upright position as most of the nutrients are found in the tips

Now that you know all you need to about asparagus, you can start cooking your asparagus!


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