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March 6, 2020
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9 Pasta Tips And Tricks

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1.Buy the right pasta! To know how to make the pasta in the best way possible, one must know not to hold back on the buying part. Every pasta recipe will require a specific kind of pasta and buying the one with 100% semolina is the best option. It might be a little more expensive but it'll make all the difference when you cook it.

2.Use a lot of water when you're boiling the pasta. If you do it in a large enough pot then you can ensure that the pasta doesn't get sticky and you don't end up with a mess. Overdone pasta ruins the taste of the final dish, no matter which kind of noodle you use, you have to know how to make pasta correctly. Boiling pasta perfectly is vital to every pasta recipe!

3.Add salt to the boiling water. It may not seem like it, but all authentic Italian pasta recipes will taste much better and have a lot more flavour if you just adhere to this one rule.

4.Do NOT add oil to the water. When you're boiling the pasta, adding oil will ruin the taste. The oil clings to the pasta and doesn't allow the sauce to add any flavour. Your pasta will not stick to each other if you just stir, adding oil will ruin any decent pasta recipe.

5.Make sure you store some of the boiled water after the pasta's cooked. The water adds to the taste when you use it for making the sauce and enhances every recipe of pasta for the better.

6.Never cook your pasta so much that it's overdone. It should be done al dente and knowing how to cook the pasta and how much is extremely important to the entire dish.

7.Different sauces call for different pastas. All pasta recipes should specify which pasta to use and if they don't, then remember that smooth sauces call for long noodles and chunky sauces go with the ones that have contours. This helps in getting the sauce to mix with the pasta.

8.Don't add too much sauce. This cannot be stressed enough. Adding too much sauce takes away from the flavour of the pasta, which is actually the primary element of any pasta recipe.

9.Always serve pasta when it's hot! It tastes the best and you don't want to compromise on your hard work.


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